Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to get all of your questions answered as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Below are the most common questions we come across. If you do not see your question, or need a custom answer, please reach out to us on our support page.

No. If your site is built on WordPress (we don’t support other kinds of websites), you won’t notice a difference other than the speed.

AtomWP is a hosting, maintenance, and optimization company focused on WordPress. Your website will need to be built on WordPress to use our services.

AtomWP works great on all websites, regardless of their size!

AtomWP infrastructure has two layers of caching to ensure the fastest website possible. We are happy to help you using an existing caching plugin, but we can not guarantee the fastest speeds. If you’re worried about setting up a new plugin, we handle all of that for you!

AtomWP does everything related to image optimization. You don’t need another plugin if you’re using AtomWP.

AtomWP provides you with reliable global CDN powered by Fastly (one of the largest global CDNs). You don’t need another CDN provider when working with AtomWP.

AtomWP is a hosting, maintenance, and optimization company focused on WordPress. We do not support websites hosted on other infrastructure.

You can pay for AtomWP on a monthly or a yearly basis with a Debit/Credit card. All charges and recurring transactions are handled through our billing partner Stripe.

No. Our plans are monthly and annual, and there is no minimum term. You can cancel anytime.

Cloudflare is a software company providing DNS, security, and optimization. Cloudflare can speed up some WordPress websites, but we believe that optimization begins on the server level. In fact, websites using Cloudflare often are 100ms slower than sites without once we’re done optimizing your website.

It depends on your website. Most scores are usually 90+ for Desktop and 75+ for Mobile. Pagespeed Insights results vary widely, and may require 3+ tests to confirm a lower score. If you get a lower score, please contact us for a private check.

Yes. You can request a custom agency quote via our Contact form. Please specify the number of sites you’d like to add to your plan and their combined monthly pageviews.

We do offer custom enterprise plans, SLA and resources based on your specific setup and needs. Feel free to share your custom needs by getting in touch with us.

Yes, we have a referral program. If you’re a studio or a developer referring client, please get in touch with us on