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Adding a new WordPress admin user (with and without plugins)

Do you need a hand managing some of the admin work on your website? Whether you have a technical issue that needs some attention, or you simply want to share the admin duty with someone, a new WordPress admin will need an account setup. Here are some details on why you might need to add a new admin to your site, and how to do it with and without the use of plugins. 

When you would add a new admin

Generally, WordPress sites have limited admins, since admins have the most control and authority over the site. It’s good for everyone to have a specific assigned role in WordPress, whether that’s an admin, editor, author, etc. However, you may want to add a new WordPress admin if you share equal site responsibility with someone. Also, if someone needs access to the full site temporarily to take care of fixes, that’s when an additional admin account is handy. 

That’s where we come in! If you have a support question that requires our hands-on attention, we might need access to your site to fix the issue more easily. It’s useful to know how to grant us an admin role temporarily to save time and increase productivity. 

Adding a WordPress admin with a plugin

Using plugins, you can easily make someone a WordPress admin. Temporary Login Without Password is a super useful plugin for this task. Like the name states, this plugin allows users to gain temporary access to a site and its features, without having to hand over passwords. It also expires after a set time period, so you can decide how long the new admin has access to your site. 

On the back end of your WordPress site, you need to go to the plugins tab on your sidebar. Hit “Add new,” then search for and install this plugin. 

Once it has been fully installed, there should be a button to activate the plugin. Go ahead and click on that to get the plugin rolling on your site.

Now that the plugin is running, you can go back to the sidebar on your WordPress back end and this time, find the Users tab. Under there, you should see a “Temporary logins” option. Select “Create new” and start filling in the required fields. The default expiry for this new WordPress admin is one week, but you can customize this timeline.

After submitting the form, a link will show up for you to copy and send to whoever needs it. This link will allow the receiver to log in to your site without a password, and it will expire after the set time period. This is a super easy way to grant someone temporary access to your site, without giving away your passwords, and giving them the proper amount of time to do the necessary work.

Adding a WordPress admin without a plugin

It’s also possible to create a new WordPress admin without a plugin. Select the Users tab on your back end sidebar. This should lead you to a page with an “Add new” option at the top. Selecting this results in a form with similar fields to fill out. 

Be sure to fill out the username and email as these fields are required. You will need to also choose “Administrator” from the dropdown list next to Role. You can either send the password as well, or ask new admins to use a password reset feature so they can create their own. Either way, the new WordPress admin will auto generate a password for this new account. 

These admin roles don’t expire either, so if it’s meant to be temporary, you will have to delete the account access yourself.

Adding a WordPress admin for Atom

When setting up your new website, we will get you to create a new admin account so that we can manage and maintain your website. This will be identical to the previous option, but we will need you to use the following details when creating an administrator account. We do not need the password, as we will reset this password for security purposes.

Username: atomwp

Email: support@atomwp.com

Role: Administrator

Dealing with issues on your WordPress site can be confusing, so it’s handy to know how to pass over control to a new admin on your site if necessary. If you’re looking to improve your website’s speed, security, and reliability, Atom is here to help. Get in touch with us here!