Who are we?

We’re a small team of nerds with a background in enterprise technology, automation, and a shared passion for making the internet a faster, and more optimized place. We call ourselves Atom because we’re obsessed with the smallest details. Because the details matter.


It started with a server error

Everyone remembers their first website. Ours were slow and seemed to be down every other day. We became obsessed with building better WordPress websites.

Thousands of hours later, and after learning the smallest details of WordPress, we turned our sites into some of the fastest and most secure on the internet.

But there was a serious problem. We noticed that our sites didn’t age very well after we stopped looking after them.

laptop website

It was out of our hands

After building hundreds of websites at Sidepart, and custom infrastructure at Abyss, we realized that most products go downhill after they leave our hands.

A once fast website became slow over time, and this just didn’t make sense to us. There had to be a better solution for WordPress websites.

We realized that by combining our knowledge of WordPress and infrastructure, we could reverse the ageing process.

One website at a time

It became clear it wasn’t just our friends and clients who needed our help. We decided it was time to share our knowledge with the world.

Our goal is simple: provide people with industry-leading website speed and security and let them focus their passions on building their business.

Our team makes sure your website is taken care of and we are here to build a better internet for everyone, one WordPress website at a time.

Meet Our Team

Our team has decades of collective experience running digital agencies, building lightning-fast websites, designing automation and data systems for global businesses, and a deep understanding of the infrastructure needed for keeping these machines running.

jonathan snow profile
Jonathan Snow

Head of Operations

everett carney profile
Everett Carney

Head of Technology

chris jacks profile
Chris Jacks

Customer Success

Are you next?

Need more information?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Reach out to us for more information, ask us a bit more about our services, or just to get to know a bit more about our team!